Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

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Watch Jennifer Lawrence Sing Happy Birthday To Herself

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SJM: Have you and Jennifer developed a kind of acting shorthand together?

Cooper: (Laughs) It’s much easier when you have a natural rapport with another actor, and Jennifer and I both know each other so well that we don’t need to think too much about our scenes together. Bier is also an exceptional director and if you look at her films you can see how much sensitivity she brings to the characters in her films. I learned a lot from working with her and I think Jennifer also appreciated being able to be part of this kind of a story.


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"Jennifer is such a wonderful girl. We’ve had so much fun working together and I’m so proud of her success. She’s one of the most down-to-earth and unpretentious individuals you could ever meet, and it’s such a pleasure to spend time with her. Jennifer is incredibly talented and she’s one of those natural performers who are instinctively good at what they do."

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MOKKO STUDIO - Serena Completed! Mokko's second Jennifer Lawrence film this year


Finally a confirmation! With all the premiere dates being released, it makes sense. 

And, Jennifer did head up to Denmark, where Susanne Bier lives,  right after wrapping in Germany, before heading down to Greece. (And then London) So she was most likely there ad-libbing the scenes that got “damaged” by airplanes that they had to fix before releasing the film. 

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