Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

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Dance Rehearsal

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Gahhh! I mean come on, look at them, look at them! EYE FUCKING GALORE! 

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March 30, 2014 7:01 pm

Jennifer, every time I see you, you get more beautiful” 

Bradley, you’re incredible, and you make me better every single day

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'Serena' script


Firstly, thank you to arclife for telling us this information and secondly, this is the first draft of the script for Jennifer’s new film ‘Serena’:

I’ll add this to the post I made about Serena yesterday.


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BTW, (as I suspected) this September 27th release date for Serena is not legit. It was an old date and 9/27/14 is a Saturday so if nothing else, that shows it’s not right. 

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